Yesterday I had my first interview for a front end web development position!

Did I get the job? No. Am I upset? No.

First of all, I clearly did not meet all of the position requirements. But I never lied on my resume, and when a company I’d give a limb to work for contacts me out of the blue to see if I’d be a good fit on the team, of course I jumped at the opportunity! The interview went really well (I thought), even considering the conclusion was that I currently lack the skills for the role. But there is a possibility I’ll either get hired (or “interned”) in the near future doing entry-level work alongside an experienced lead front end web developer, or in the not-too-distant future, qualify as the lead front end web developer! Ok, so the latter would require intense studying and training and a significantly developed portfolio, and let’s be honest, probably some real world experience first. But it’s hard to describe my relief at being seen and valued for something beyond my technical skills – because those can be acquired – and for not being dissected like a frog on my first “real” interview.

In the end, for now, I’m just going to have to keep trucking it with the stuffing of my head full of new programs and codes and apply endlessly to job and internship opportunities that seemingly have about a 7% response rate. But hey, I’ve got my business on the side. And guess what? Anyone who’s read this far can have a free website built by me, totally unique and mobile responsive, designed from scratch. Maybe. As long as you’re not opposed to it being developed very slowly (as it would be a website I apply things I’m learning to) and you take care of and pay for everything else – hosting, domain name. And granted I don’t get too many requests. Hit me up and we’ll discuss what you want and what I could do for you.;)