I’d like to indulge in a slightly more personal post today. Yesterday was Valentine’s Day, so I’m feeling kind of mushy!

My husband is the most incredible man in the world. I could go on forever, and anyone who really knows him and even just a few of the things he’s been through, can have nothing but the deepest respect for his resilience. When you start getting to know him, he’s easy to classify as a pessimist. He’s openly critical of many things and seems hard to please. But once past that – once you come to understand the mindset he has that has allowed him to not only get through extremely difficult patches in life, but to do so and come out stronger and still determined to progress toward his goals – you realize the depth of optimism and forgiveness that is actually underneath the tough exterior. To most people, no, he will never be warm and fuzzy. Maybe it’s because he was always the quiet guy that got passed over, and when he got hurt he didn’t ask for attention, so everyone assumed he was just tough, so he learned that in life you’re on your own and actually became tough. And “tough” included learning to forgive and forget, otherwise all the baggage would be too weighty.

So of course, he feels pain. And sometimes he can forget, but not quite forgive. But a man who can take whatever life hands him, not blame the cards he’s been dealt for his failures and successes, nor make emotional decisions, and still go forward optimistic about his future…DAMN, that is a catch. Who was smart enough to marry that guy?

On web dev related notes, the last few weeks, I’ve completely let it take over my life. When I’m in the kitchen cooking or doing the dishes, I don’t play the TV in the background anymore, instead I’m listening to one of many audios in my ever-expanding list – be it a podcast, audio book, Ted Talk, etc.. Now, when I’m driving, I’m not listening to the radio, but more web dev-related audio. If I’m eating, I’ll watch a YouTube tutorial or continue my Odin Project readings.

Do I sound obsessed? I absolutely am. While I have to be careful not to get burnt out, it’s also crucial I keep pushing away for the next few months until I have the basic skills required to get hired. Afterward, I’ll need to keep learning and staying updated on the latest technologies. For the rest of my life. But that’s ok, because I love it!

And anyway, that’s what a significant other is for, speaking again of my husband. Keeping one grounded and not overly consumed in their own interests. My husband works SO hard every day, and when he comes home, just wants to play video games or watch TV. So, we binge on Netflix, like all the time. And maybe it would seem like a waste of time to some (we can get through shows we really like in an impressively short time!), but being “forced” to relax and focus on something completely unrelated definitely keeps me sane and my heart rate level. My husband would be the first to say how stressed and hard on myself I used to be, with my need to be “productive” 24/7.

So to all you lovers out there, here’s a reminder to thank your significant other for making you more well-rounded and introducing you to new ideas and things and places and people. No one compares to my sailor, but they, they can try.;)

This week I’m learning/getting a refresher on:

  • Google Developer Tools
  • JavaScript
  • Building HTML & CSS projects from scratch (over and over and over!)
  • Also, applied for a scholarship to a NYC school that offers a web dev certificate course. It’s expensive but they’re offering a free ride to (1) military spouse…crossing my fingers…