It’s Throwback Thursday! Starting today. So, I thought I’d share some of graphic designs I did when I first got into multimedia art at age 15, specifically Photoshop art. It’s terrible now but I thought it was awesome back then, over ten years ago!


Sensation Studios Logo

A logo I made for a fictitious company. Still think it looks kind of cool.

Warhol-Inspired Poster

Ok, I still like this. Not very original, but I’m sure I had fun making this in Photoshop.

Naruto Signature Banner

Remember signatures like this for use in online forums?? Do they still do that? Anyway, this was one of mine.

Anime Signature Banner

Another online forum signature banner I made. Showing off my nerdiness (I don’t even know who this character is).

Mermaid Photoshop Edit

I like mermaids. The tail doesn’t look so real but it’s still neat.

I’ve come a long way in Photoshop since. I still absolutely love PS (and Illustrator, a bit), but it took me over a decade to realize I wanted to focus on web development over graphic design. Of course, I love that my graphic design background allows me to rely on myself for original website design, since coding alone wouldn’t satisfy me. At heart I’m an artist, but with a need for the structure of coding. As someone who hates math, I never would have guessed.