Hello readers! I am still alive. Although, barely. The husband just started working graveyard shifts, so because my schedule is currently flexible (remote office work and web dev jobs), I decided to switch, too. Having traveled so much in my life, I assumed it wouldn’t be too difficult to make the transition.

Boy, was I wrong.

The facet of this change I hadn’t accounted for, which I had not previously experienced over a long period, is the fact that I am now attempting to stay awake during the ENTIRE time the world outside my window is dark and quiet. Normally when travelling between distant time zones, you’re fighting to become accustomed to your destination’s daylight hours, so that you’re awake with sun – and the bustle of society – and asleep with the moon and everyone else. It’s sometimes difficult but naturally, we feel awake when it’s bright and sleepy when it’s dark. I’ve personally never taken too long to adjust to jet lag. But waking up in the middle of the day and going to bed just when the sun is starting to come up? Wow, it’s weird.

Before you say, “You’re just not a night owl!,” I have, in fact, considered myself a “night owl” my whole life. I love and have always loved staying up late and sleeping in. But I now realize there is a world of difference between going to bed when you “feel like it” and sleeping in, and staying up ALL NIGHT. And literally, having almost your entire sleep be filtered with the bright sunlight that seeps from the sides of the curtains and the cracks under the doors. When I have to pee in the middle of the – morning? I am now assaulted with the blaze of sunlight that illuminates our bathroom, and upon seeing 10:00 a.m. on the clock, know that I still need to go back to bed to get more rest. So now, I am rethinking what “night owl” really means, and that maybe I’m not one. Because as much I used to scoff at all those silly scientists who say the body naturally wants to sleep when the sun goes down and wake up with it (it’s the 21st century, right??), I am now thinking…yes. Maybe that is so. And maybe it doesn’t help that only within the past year and a half have I started LIKING waking up with the sun. So much for that healthy habit.

Did I mention that on only the third day of trying to get accustomed to this new sleep cycle, we went camping? In a remote area away from people and with no electricity? Anyone who’s done this doesn’t need me to say more. Let’s just say, it’s one thing to try staying awake when you have access to TV’s, computers, lights…it’s another when all you have is a warm fire and stars. Thank God for Red Bull and curious coyotes.

Web Development

On another note, I am currently designing and developing a new website for All Pets Wellness Foundation. Their current website is: www.allpetswellnessfoundation.org. Don’t click if you’re out in public and don’t want the loud audio of an auto-play video to start. Yes, I know.

It’s a volunteer project, which is a great way for me to add to my portfolio, while doing good for a non-profit whose work I commend (they provide funding for those who can’t afford live-saving medical treatment for their pets). Here are the steps I have/will be taking for the project:

  1. Design the wireframes & prototypes using Adobe Experience Design (XD) and Photoshop
  2. Code the design using a Bootstrap framework
  3. Install it onto WordPress

Voila! A beautiful, completely original, mobile-responsive website that the client will be able to easily add content to. I’ll be sure to post a link to the site again once the new version has launched.

Oh, and I decided against the 50%-scholarship-but-still-expensive bootcamp-style coding school, and will be taking the online Web Development Certificate program through UC Davis Extension, fully covered by MyCAA. I start in the summer, very excited.


Eating: Homemade yogurt with raisins. {If you like yogurt, get an Instant Pot and make it yourself. SO cheap. And easy. And more delicious.}
Watching: Grey’s Anatomy, Dragon Ball Z. Just finished Dexter and 13 Reasons Why.

Thanks for reading!